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To supply various goods and services to a diverse clientele at competitive prices, timely delivering orders to the satisfaction of our clients. The cornerstone of our existence and success is to develop a winning supplychain system that will be effective and efficient.

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What We Do

As Westgate Resources Limited we belive in offering the best products and services to meets all our our clients needs and expectations

Supply of Mining ,Earth Moving Equipment & Minerals

The company supplies equipment to the mines and other heavy industries. We are able to supply equipment for both open pit mining and shaft mining.

Supply of electricity, power equipment & power generation

The company is able to supply various types of power equipment ranging from transformers, power transmission cables, substation equipment and many others

Supply of Military and Security Equipment

The company supplies military equipment and materials such as uniforms, military signal equipment among others.

Supply of Petroleum

Westgate Resources supplies bulk fuel; both diesel and petrol to government and the mines.

Supply of food and fertilizer

Westgate Resources is able to supply various types of food items to government and UN agencies ranging from processed and unprocessed foods to feed defence and security ofcers and those affected by disasters.

Supply of Vehicles

Westgate Resources also supplies other products such as tents, vehicles and other emergency items.

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Product Quality

Westgate Resources prides itself on delivering top-tier equipment, whether it's Mining and Earth Moving Machinery, Minerals, Electricity and Power Equipment, or Military and Security Gear.

Comprehensive Range of Services

From Power Generation to Military and Security Equipment, Westgate Resources offers a comprehensive suite of services.

Reliable Customer Support

t Westgate Resources, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated customer support team ensures that your queries are promptly addressed and your concerns are met with effective solutions.

Industry Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the field, Westgate Resources boasts a team of experts who understand the intricacies of the Mining, Earth Moving, Electricity, and Military sectors.

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Our Customer Say

Customer safisfaction is our tradtion at West resources a  happy client gives motivation and inspiration to keep offering the best products and services.

Westgate Resources delivers top-notch Mining and Earth Moving Equipment, ensuring efficiency and durability in every project. A reliable partner for powering progress in the mining and energy sectors.
Howard Chavez​
Impressed with Westgate Resources' diverse range, from Minerals to Military Equipment. Their commitment to excellence shines in every product, making them a go-to for robust solutions.
Lucas Elliot

+260-975 973030